Technology & Start Ups

Technology is changing at an astonishing rate and advances in hardware, software and cloud based solutions means that technology business require less start-up capital now than they did ten years ago. There is also very good evidence of the fact that that there is little evidence of recession in the digital/online world.
All technology companies share a number of common attributes. The most common being the need to move very fast. The pace at which these businesses move and adapt creates challenges for the finance function and advisors.

Typically these challenges include:


  • Do we have the right revenue model/sales channel
    are we getting all of it?
  • How can we grow it?
  • Are we getting it on time?
  • Are we leading or chasing?


  • How can we fund development?
  • Can it be done faster and cheaper?


  • Where can we source the people we need?
  • How much will they cost?
  • How do we keep them?


When will we run out of cash?


When will we run out of cash?

Technology businesses operate in an environment where there isn’t always time to deal with accounting matters when gaining competitive advantage in a rapidly changing environment is the key to success. We get that!

We work with a growing number of start-up and development phase technology businesses and readily understand the challenges you face. We can work with you to develop solutions for compliance needs so that the business is not impeded when grant aid, private equity or joint venture funding is being sought which is crucial.

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