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Running a payroll efficiently required sound processes, as well as technical knowledge.

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Employers face and ever increasing burden in terms of tax and regulatory compliance, while also wanting to maximise returns from the pay and remuneration policies. Our specialist team can help by providing a wide range of tailor services and advice.
Running a payroll efficiently required sound processes, as well as technical knowledge to ensure that all changes in tax rates and regulations are applied correctly. We bring process efficiency and tax expertise together, providing clients with

A fully managed payroll service, from processing through to reporting
A comprehensive service that includes payment of expenses, PAYE/USC remittances, deductions and payments to pension providers
Reassurance over the security of payments

We deal with payrolls of all sizes from local business with one staff member, to multi-nationals and government agencies.

The legal and regulatory framework of employment law has changed significantly in recent years. The arrival of NERA and the increased awareness by employees of their entitlements has resulted in higher risks for employers.

The economic slowdown has made this situation even more acute and employers need to be on very solid footing before making any changes to terms and conditions of employment or imposing shorter working hours or redundancy on their staff. It can be a mine field.

Our team has a range and depth of expertise and experience in this area. We provide advice and assistance to clients and help them in the following key areas

Contracts of employment/terms and conditions of employment
Employee handbooks
Grievance procedures/performance appraisal
Employment tribunals
SCOPE assessments

Please call us on 061 229666 or contact us to find out more about the payroll and HR services we offer.