Credit Unions

The Credit Union sector will face many challenges in the coming years – the global financial crisis and the deepening recession have meant Credit Unions have had to adapt very quickly to a new and economic landscape.

As we move into a period of heightened regulation and consolidation for financial Institutions, Credit Unions will come under increased pressure to ensure that appropriate corporate governance is in place to enable them to make prudent decisions. Strong corporate governance will be essential to enable the directors of Credit Unions to fulfill their fundamental duty of protecting members’ resources.

We have over fifty years of experience as auditors and advisors to many Credit Unions throughout the Mid-West Region. We have a deep understanding of how Credit Unions work and the issues and challenges currently facing the sector.

Our Credit Union clients benefit from our technical expertise and experience, however we do much, much more than this. Our approach, knowledge and understanding of Credit Unions, their ethos, objectives and role in the community means that we talk the same language as our clients. This insight and understanding means that we communicate more effectively with Credit Union management, boards, members and regulatory bodies. We are very proud of our reputation and standing as a leading advisor to Credit Unions.

Over the last ten years we have broadened the range of services that we provide to Credit Unions. We are regularly requested by Credit Unions to carry out specialist, non-audit work. Recent assignments include the following;

  • Loan Book Reviews
  • Liquidity Reviews
    Corporate Governance Reviews
  • Internal Control/Risk Management Reviews
  • Investment Compliance/Fixed Asset Reviews
  • Supervisory Committee Training
  • Policies, Procedures and Internal Control Rreviews and Training
  • Outsourced Accounting, Payroll & HR Consulting
To find out more about the services we can provide to your institution, please contact us or call us on 061 229666 and speak to one of our partners.